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Black History Month
African American Artists

Ask Art

African American Artists and Writers

African American Inventors

America's Journey Through Slavery

Art -Based Projects

Black Inventors On-Line Museum

CNN Events


BHM LInks-Kidsdomain

Kulture Kids

Underground Railroad

MLK Home-National Park Site

MLK-Enc. of Alabama

NAACP Interactive Timeline

Biographies-Encyclopedia Britannica

Black History Online Games
A fun way to learn about Black History!

BHM Scavenger Hunt

Teachers First

Greek Mythology

North Carolina Information
North Carolina State Library

Free Technology for Teachers

Super Teacher Worksheets
Printable, free worksheets for teachers!

Education City

Learn NC

News and Observer Newpapers in Education

SmartBoard Teacher Links

Hundreds of educational streaming videos on many school subjects. See Ms. Dowless for the user name and password.


News and Observer E-Edition NIE

Karen Spake EOG Links
Lots of great EOG and Content Area games and activities!

ABC Teach

Free Power Point Presentations

Learning Page

Lesson Plans Page

Scholastic Teacher


Teaching Games and Resources

Copyright Fair Use Evaluator

US Copyright Law-Exceptions for Educators

New York Times Learning Network Gr. 3-12

PBS Teacher Resources

Reading/Language Arts
Project Gutenberg-Free Online Books

Poetry Month Resources

Poetry Month

My Poetry Journal

Shel Silverstein

Surf Report

Literacy Link

Poetic Byways-Poetry Glossary

Elements of Poetry

EServer Poetry Collection

Poetry Links

Famous Poetry

Famous Poets

International Reading Assoc.

Teach It-English

Word Central
Dictionary, thesaurus, rhyming

Math Card Games

Math Counts

Math Forum

Math Surf

Smartboard Resources
Scholastic Smart Board Lessons

Smart Exchange Lessons by Keyword

Engaging Students the Smartboard Way

Smartboard Lesson Ideas

Smarter Smartboard

Math & Science Lessons Using Smartboard

Smart Ways to Use the Smartboard in Science

Interactive Websites

Earth Science Smartboard Lessons

Interactive Sites for Smartboard-All Subjects

Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Smartboard Templates

Teachers and Students
Babel Fish Translator

Biography Videos

Cybersleuth Kids

Edu Ref



NC Wise Owl

New York Times Archives

News and Observer Online

The Online Books Page

Renaissance Place/Accelerated Reader

Meet Me at the Corner
Virtual fieldtrips

Virtual fieldtrips


World Book Online

Online encyclopedia-need password to use at home

Yahoo Kids

Quiz List Interactive
Teachers and students at ETMS look here for the list of AR books we have at our school as well as other useful information. This is a subscription site.

Guidelines and Resources for Avoiding Plagiarism

Social Studies
Best History Sites

CIA World Factbook

Country Reports

History for Kids

If You Were President

Ancient Africa WebQuest

Smithsonian American History

Smithsonian-History and Culture

Teaching History Resources

Women's History Month-Videos

You're the Candidate
Created for the 2008 election but can be used anytime!

Google Earth 5.0
The world's geographic information at your fingertips.  You will need to download this.

American Museum of Natural History

Biomes and Animals

Biomes-University of California Paleontology

EPA Climate Kids


Prehistoric Life

Science Fair Project Ideas

Science Fair Central

Howstuffworks-Science Channel

Science Experiments

The Science Club

The Scientific Method

My Science Career

Life Work-Health & Medical Careers

Jobs Involving Science

Family Education

Parents and Teachers
NC Department of Public Instruction

NC DPI School Report Cards

The Nation's Report Card

Destiny Library Search
Destiny Library Search
Find books and more on the ETMS Destiny online card catalog!

Destiny Library Search at Home

Library/Information Skills
Library Skills Game

Dewey Decimal Games

Dewey Decimal Online Tour

Searching Beyond Google

Learn 360 Video-Library Research
If you can't access this from this link, go to the Learn 360 link below and sign in.  Search Library Research.  Good video.

10 Steps to Better Web Research

Mr. Cite Right Video Clip

Occupational Outlook Handbook Index

Career Resources


Military Careers

Career Search Tools

Careers A-Z

Career View

Women's History Month
Library of Congress

Gale Cengage Learning

Women's History

Info Please

Xtran Normal Videos
Battle of the Books-Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie

Dr. Seuss/Read Across America



Green Eggs and Ham

Seussville Concentration


Catch a Thing

Fox in Sox

Horton's Who Hunt

Horton Hears a Who Storymaker

St. Patricks Day Online Games

St. Patricks Day Online Games

Easter Fun
Funschool Easter

A Kids Heart Easter Games

The Kids Page Easter

Billy Bear 4kids Easter Games