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Why is Elizabethtown Middle School a Great Place to be?


            Elizabethtown Middle School gives me the education that I need. The students, staff, and the administrators are very nice. You can be yourself. If I feel down, I can trust someone at E.T.M.S. to cheer me up. We are a family at E.T.M.S.  E.T.M.S. has quotes on the wall of the school. The quotes are inspirational. I really like the quote that says “Set goals high, and don’t stop till you get there,” by Bo Jackson. To me this quote means to don’t ever quit. Once you reach a goal, make a new one, and keep on going. When you set a goal don’t let anything get in your way of accomplishing it. Our school’s motto is Together, We Can! This year our students R.O.A.R. We are respectful, organized, attentive, and responsible.


                                                    Olivia Hollingsworth


Why is Elizabethtown Middle School a Great Place to be?


 Elizabethtown Middle School is a great place to be.  We are committed to excellence in education.  We have challenges every day and we are challenged every day.  We are not a perfect school and we don’t proclaim perfection, but we are striving to do our best every day with God’s help.  As a school, we represent good things that happen in Elizabethtown.  We have the best administration, the best teachers and staff and great students to work with.   Working hard at E.T.M.S. is a beginning not an ending.  We are the beginning of great things.  It might take us a little longer, but there is no end to what we can accomplish.   We strive to do everything we possibly can do to bring about achievement and change.  We set high goals and standards and we patiently work to complete our tasks. 


            Who would have thought that our B.ET.A. Club would take 2nd place in the Battle of the Books competition in the state of North Carolina?  We did it.  It took prayer, hard work, encouragement, practice, teamwork, and self-esteem.  We are proud of our students.


            Our teachers are always encouraged to go beyond the call of duty to inspire and build up our students.


            We constantly find ways to encourage academic growth and success in our students.  We have gifted and talented students who strive for Excellence.  We Roar daily as a school with Respect, Organization, Attentiveness, and Responsibility


                                                         Mae R. Hammonds


                                                                                                        8th Grade E.L.A.






 Benchmark Testing

March 23 - 31

Students please come to school well rested and ready to do your best!





    Congratulations ETMS Battle of the Books Team!

2nd Place

We are so proud of you!!!



 What's Coming Next... 


March 23 - 31, 2015  Benchmark Testing

March 31, 2015  Baseball/Softball:  Away @ Tarheel  4pm

April 1, 2015  Vertical Planning PLCs

April 2, 2015  Report Cards Go Home

April 2, 2015  Baseball/Softball:  Home vs CSD  4pm

April 3, 2015  Optional Teacher Workday - No School for Students

April 6-10, 2015  Spring Break - No School

April 14, 2015  Baseball/Softball:  Away @ Bladenboro 4pm

April 16, 2015  Baseball/Softball:  Home vs Tar Heel  4pm

April 17, 2015  Special Olympics at ETMS

April 21, 2015  Baseball/Softball:  Away @ CSD  4pm

April 21, 2015  Bladen County Education Foundation Meeting

April 23, 2015  Baseball/Softball:  Home vs Bladenboro  4pm

April 28, 2015  Progress Reports

April 29, 2015  Bladen County Education Foundation Jail-a-Thon

April 29, 2015  ETMS Staff "Family Time" PLC

May 6, 2015  Spring Sports Pictures








Revised Daily Schedule


7:32 a.m.     Students Arrive

7:42 a.m.     Tardy Bell

3:10 p.m.     Car Student Dismissal

3:15 p.m.     Bus Dismissal

June 8, 2015 will now be a regular school day for students.










Cougar Spirit!


 Thank you for your participation in ETMS Homecoming Week Activities!

Fun was had by all as we celebrated being part of the Cougar Family.  A place where everyone R.O.A.R.s!



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School Events
3/30/2015 to 3/31/2015
•  Benchmark Testing
Recurrence: Daily from 3/30/2015 to 3/31/2015
•  Baseball/Softball at THMS
•  ETMS Staff Vertical Planning PLC
•  Baseball / Softball Home vs CSD
•  Report Cards Go Home
ETMS Athletic Banquet
Scenes From 2013-2014 Athletic Banquet

Fifth Grade Special Visitor   
Fifth Grade Learns to Make Puppets from the Master!